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:: Journal of Nanopartic​le Research, Vol. 13, Issue 1 ::


Journal of Nanopartic​le Research, Vol. 13, Issue 1 - New Issue Alert

General approach for fabricating nanoparticle arrays via patterned block copolymer nanoreactors
Xihong Zu, Weiping Tu & Yulin Deng

Multicomponent periodic nanoparticle superlattices
Paul Podsiadlo, Galyna V. Krylova, Arnaud Demortière & Elena V. Shevchenko

A new approach to produce amino-carbon nanotubes as plasmid transfection vector by [2 + 1] cycloaddition of nitrenes
Yongjian Jiang, Chen Jin, Feng Yang, Xianjun Yu, Guojian Wang, Si Cheng, Yang Di, Ji Li, Deliang Fu & Quanxing Ni

Preparation of amino-modified titanate nanotubes and its striking adsorption ability to duplex DNA
Hongyun Niu & Yaqi Cai

Surface modification of permalloy (Ni80Fe20) nanoparticles for biomedical applications
Gaowu W. Qin, Farzana Darain, Hui Wang & Krassen Dimitrov

Low temperature synthesis of iron containing carbon nanoparticles in critical carbon dioxide
Takashi Hasumura, Takahiro Fukuda, Raymond L. D. Whitby, Ortrud Aschenbrenner & Toru Maekawa

Computational approach to drying a nanoparticle-suspended liquid droplet
Hee-Soo Kim, Sung Soo Park & Frank Hagelberg

Formation of fractal aggregates during green synthesis of silver nanoparticles
Manjeet Singh, I. Sinha, A. K. Singh & R. K. Mandal

Structural and thermoluminescence properties of undoped and Fe-doped-TiO2 nanopowders processed by sol–gel method
Marin Cernea, Mihail Secu, Corina Elisabeta Secu, Mihaela Baibarac & Bogdan S. Vasile

Refractive index dependent local electric field enhancement in cylindrical gold nanohole
Jian Zhu

Synthesis of ZnS hollow nanoneedles via the nanoscale Kirkendall effect
Hongyu Sun, Yan Chen, Xiaoliang Wang, Yanwu Xie, Wei Li & Xiangyi Zhang

New analysis procedure for fast and reliable size measurement of nanoparticles from atomic force microscopy images
Robert D. Boyd & Alexandre Cuenat

Field-emission enhancement of molybdenum oxide nanowires with nanoprotrusions
Ali Khademi, Rouhollah Azimirad, Yung-Tang Nien & Alireza Z. Moshfegh

Microwave-assisted polyol synthesis of Cu nanoparticles
M. Blosi, S. Albonetti, M. Dondi, C. Martelli & G. Baldi

Aerosol formation of Sea-Urchin-like nanostructures of carbon nanotubes on bimetallic nanocomposite particles
S. H. Kim, C. Wang & M. R. Zachariah

An examination of silver nanoparticles in socks using screening-level life cycle assessment
David E. Meyer, Mary Ann Curran & Michael A. Gonzalez

Facile synthesis and electrochemical properties of octahedral gold nanocrystals
Dawei Wang, Jianshe Huang, Yang Liu, Xinyi Han & Tianyan You

Investigation of magnetic active core sizes and hydrodynamic diameters of a magnetically fractionated ferrofluid
Markus Büttner, Peter Weber, Frank Schmidl, Paul Seidel, Michael Röder, Matthias Schnabelrauch, Kerstin Wagner, Peter Görnert, Gunnar Glöckl & Werner Weitschies

Nanoparticle electrostatic loss within corona needle charger during particle-charging process
Cheng-Hsiung Huang & Manuel Alonso

First principles study of the electronic properties of twinned SiC nanowires
Zhiguo Wang, Shengjie Wang, Chunlai Zhang & Jingbo Li

Particle speciation during PEG–Fe3O4 hybrid nanoparticle self-assembly on Si(Ti)O2
Farahnaz Ansari, Masoud Kavosh, Robert Horvath & Jeremy J. Ramsden

Systematic evaluation of biocompatibility of magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles with six different mammalian cell lines
Yingxun Liu, Zhongping Chen & Jinke Wang

Magnetite hollow spheres: solution synthesis, phase formation and magnetic property
Qian Sun, Zheng Ren, Rongming Wang, Weimeng Chen & Chinping Chen

Structural investigations of Ge nanoparticles embedded in an amorphous SiO2 matrix
Ionel Stavarache, Ana-Maria Lepadatu, Nicoleta G. Gheorghe, Ruxandra M. Costescu, George E. Stan, Dan Marcov, Adrian Slav, Gheorghe Iordache, Tionica F. Stoica, Vladimir Iancu, Valentin S. Teodorescu, Cristian M. Teodorescu & Magdalena Lidia Ciurea

Silver nanoparticles in simulated biological media: a study of aggregation, sedimentation, and dissolution
Larissa V. Stebounova, Ethan Guio & Vicki H. Grassian

Morphology and magnetic properties of island-like Co and Ni films obtained by de-wetting
P. Tiberto, S. Gupta, S. Bianco, F. Celegato, P. Martino, A. Chiolerio, A. Tagliaferro & P. Allia

Power density and temperature dependent multi-excited states in InAs/GaAs quantum dots
L. Bouzaïene, L. Sfaxi, M. Baira, H. Maaref & C. Bru-Chevallier

Single enzyme nanoparticle for biomimetic CO2 sequestration
Renu Yadav, Nitin Labhsetwar, Swati Kotwal & Sadhana Rayalu

Hydrothermal synthesis of highly water-dispersible anatase nanocrystals from transparent aqueous sols of titanate colloids
Takayuki Ban, Yusuke Tanaka & Yutaka Ohya

Continuous optical coherence tomography monitoring of nanoparticles accumulation in biological tissues
M. A. Sirotkina, M. V. Shirmanova, M. L. Bugrova, V. V. Elagin, P. A. Agrba, M. Yu. Kirillin, V. A. Kamensky & E. V. Zagaynova

Internalisation of engineered nanoparticles into mammalian cells in vitro: influence of cell type and particle properties
Wibke Busch, Susanne Bastian, Ulrike Trahorsch, Maria Iwe, Dana Kühnel, Tobias Meißner, Armin Springer, Michael Gelinsky, Volkmar Richter, Chrysanthy Ikonomidou, Annegret Potthoff, Irina Lehmann & Kristin Schirmer

Effect of the concentration of precursors on the microwave absorbent properties of Zn/Fe oxide nanopowders
P. C. Fannin, C. N. Marin, I. Malaescu, N. Stefu, P. Vl?zan, S. Novaconi & S. Popescu

Cu x Ni1−x alloy nanoparticles embedded SiO2 films: synthesis and structure
Sourav Pramanik, Sudipto Pal, Sandip Bysakh & Goutam De

Fluorescent polymeric nanocomposite films generated by surface-mediated photoinitiation of polymerization
Heather J. Avens, Erin L. Chang, Allison M. May, Brad J. Berron, Gregory J. Seedorf, Vivek Balasubramaniam & Christopher N. Bowman

Synthesis and characterization of mono-dispersed Y3Al5O12:Er3+-coated SiO2 nanoparticles by co-precipitation process
Cheng-Ning Xie & Zhong-Min Yang

Evaluation of the antibacterial activity of poly-(d,l-lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles containing violacein
D. Martins, F. T. M. Costa, M. Brocchi & N. Durán

Superparamagnetic nickel nanoparticles obtained by an organometallic approach
E. Ramírez-Meneses, I. Betancourt, F. Morales, V. Montiel-Palma, C. C. Villanueva-Alvarado & M. E. Hernández-Rojas

Synthesis of nickel nanoparticles in silica by alcogel electrolysis
Muhammad Z. Rana, Mazhar Mehmood, Jamil Ahmad, Muhammad Aslam, Syed K. Hasanain & Sohail Hameed

A facile route to synthesize titanium oxide nanowires via water-assisted chemical vapor deposition
Hao Liu, Yong Zhang, Ruying Li, Mei Cai & Xueliang Sun

Growth kinetics and long-term stability of CdS nanoparticles in aqueous solution under ambient conditions
Katherine M. Mullaugh & George W. Luther

Synthesis of water-dispersible photoluminescent silicon nanoparticles and their use in biological fluorescent imaging
Qi Wang, Hongjun Ni, Annette Pietzsch, Franz Hennies, Yongping Bao & Yimin Chao

Magnetic ionic liquid-assisted synthesis of polyaniline/AgCl nanocomposites by interface polymerization
Qiang Zhang, Fangjun Liu, Liang Li, Guoliang Pan & Songmin Shang

Erratum to: Magnetic ionic liquid-assisted synthesis of polyaniline/AgCl nanocomposites by interface polymerization
Qiang Zhang, Fangjun Liu, Liang Li, Guoliang Pan & Songmin Shang


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