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:: BioResearch Int'l Weekly News Round-Up: May 21 ::


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Prototype Ultrasound Bioreactor Assesses Engineers Tissue while Making It
American scientists have devised a prototype bioreactor--a device for culturing cells to create engineered tissues--that both stimulates and assesses tissue as it grows, simulating natural mechanisms while eliminating the need to stop periodically to snip off samples for analysis. more...
[17 May 2012]

Nanotechnology Yields 5,000-Year-Old Red Blood Cells from Glacier Mummy
Using nanotechnology, Italian and German researchers have succeeded in locating red blood cells in the wounds a 5,000-year-old iceman mummy. more...
[16 May 2012]

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Novel Proteomic Methodology Used to Characterize Sarcoma Phosphoproteins
A novel proteomic approach was used to characterize the entire family of phosphotyrosine proteins present in sarcomas, relatively rare forms of cancer that are derived from bone, fat, muscle, or vascular tissues. more...
[15 May 2012]

Grape Seed Compound Slows Progression of Alzheimer�s Disease in Mouse Model
A team of neurobiologists has identified the specific polyphenolic compound responsible for improved cognitive function in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. more...
[15 May 2012]

Honeybee Propolis Extract Impedes Prostate Cancer Cell Growth
Cancer researchers have discovered the molecular mechanism that utilizes the honeybee propolis component caffeic acid phenethyl ester to arrest the growth of prostate cancer cells in culture and in mouse xenografts. more...
[14 May 2012]

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