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:: BioResearch Int'l Weekly News Round-Up: June 1 ::


    Latest News

Variant Gene Expression Linked to Motor Function Decline in Parkinson’s Disease 
Results of a population study have shown that expression levels of the SNCA gene, which encodes alpha-synuclein protein, are directly related to the rate of decline of motor function in patients with Parkinson’s disease. more... 
[30 May 2012]

Search for Driver Mutations Highlights the Genetic Diversity of Breast Cancer 
A recent paper underscored the genetic diversity of breast tumors by adding nine new genes to the list of over 40 genes that have been linked to the development of this disease. more... 
[29 May 2012] 

   Featured Products

Potential Drug Candidate Restores p53 Tumor Suppressor Activity 
Cancer researchers have begun experimenting with a potential drug that fights certain types of cancer by restoring the activity of a mutant form of the p53 tumor suppressor gene. more... 
[29 May 2012]

New Target Devised for Antiangiogenic, Antitumoral Therapies 
Researchers have demonstrated that the antibody-based blocking of ephrinB2, a protein involved in angiogenesis and lymphoangiogenesis, may represent an effective strategy for the development of antiangiogenic and antitumoral therapies. more... 
[29 May 2012]

Patented Sample Preparation Kit to Streamline DNA and RNA Sequencing Studies 
Researchers can now work with a patented new kit that optimizes sample preparation for DNA or RNA analysis whether performed manually or on a next generation sequencing platform. more... 
[31 May 2012]

Optical Microscope Can Image Flow of Individual Blood Cells 
A new device uses a technique called spectrally encoded confocal microscopy, which creates images by splitting a light beam into its constituent colors. more... 
[31 May 2012]

NLO Lasers Offer New Possibilities for Multiphoton Microscopy 
Multiphoton confocal microscopes permit the simultaneous use o

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