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:: BioResearch Int'l Weekly News Round-Up: June 9 ::


   Latest News
Differentiated Human Stem Cells Repair Bone Damage in Mouse Model 
Human-induced pluripotent stem cells derived from skin have been cultured in a novel cell and serum-free growth system and then differentiated into mature bone cells that were used to repair damage to bones in a mouse model. more...
[05 Jun 2012] 

New Approach Triggers Genes That Inhibit Tumor Activity 
A team of scientists has developed a potential new application for “reactivating” genes that cause cancer tumors to shrink and die.more...
[06 Jun 2012] 

   Featured Products

High-Throughput siRNA Screening Identifies Drug Targets in MYC-driven Cancers 
A sophisticated high-throughput screening technique was used to search for genes able to block the activity of an oncogene that produces a protein that had traditionally been considered “undruggable” due to its lack of binding sites for low molecular weight inhibitors. more...
[04 Jun 2012] 

Synthetic Platelets Could Eventually Be Used For Biomedical Applications 
Scientists have succeeded in making synthetic platelets, which after optimization and exhaustive testing, could be suitable for a number of biomedical applications more...
[07 Jun 2012] 

   Spotlight on Business
Interest in MicroRNA Research Driving Growth in Related Market Tools 
A new study shows that an increased number of pharmaceutical and biotech companies are becoming interested in microRNA research due to advancements in molecular diagnostics and therapeutics. more...
[01 Jun 2012] 

Mummified Liver Samples Allow Mapping of Antique Hepatitis Virus Genes 
Advanced modern gene mapping techniques applied to liver samples taken from a 500 hundred year-old mummy have generated what may be the complete sequence of the oldest hepatitis B virus isolate and the most ancient full viral genome known so far. more...
[06 Jun 2012] 

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