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:: BioResearch Int'l Weekly News Round-Up: June 15 ::


��� Latest News
Experimental Monoclonal Antibody-Based Drug Lowers LDL-cholesterol Levels
An experimental cholesterol-lowering drug was found to augment the action of statins to further lower LDL-cholesterol levels in patients with elevated cholesterol due to the hereditary condition heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. more...
[13 Jun 2012]

Experimental Orally Deliverable Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Animal Models
An experimental orally deliverable drug that blocks the activity of the tumorigenic protein Stat3 was shown to block growth of cancer cells in culture and to inhibit growth of human breast and lung tumor xenografts. more...
[12 Jun 2012]

���Featured Products

Common Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Associated With Decreased Risk of Skin Cancer
A new study has found an association linking the use of various nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with a decreased risk of two major types of skin cancer. more...
[12 Jun 2012]

Monoclonal Antibodies Deliver Chemotherapy Drugs Directly to Cell Surface MUC1
Monoclonal antibodies directed at the SEA domain of the mucin 1 cell surface associated protein have been used to kill cancer cells by carrying drugs directly to MUC1 proteins expressed on their cell surface. more...
[14 Jun 2012]

���Spotlight on Business

Declining R&D Budgets Driving Outsourcing of Drug Discovery Functions
According to Kalorama Information, a healthcare market research publisher, an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are outsourcing core procedures, including clinical trial management, manufacturing, and most recently, drug discovery functions. more...
[08 Jun 2012]

Adding Avastin to Chemotherapy Reduces Progression of Platinum Resistant Ovarian Cancer
Avastin, a drug already approved for use in several types of cancer, was shown in a phase III clinical study to effectively augment standard chemotherapy for the treatment of platinum resistant ovarian cancer. more...
[14 Jun 2012]

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