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BioResearch Int'l Weekly News Round-Up: April 15

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April 15, 2011

Candidate Cancer Drug Blocks Proteins That Inhibit Apoptosis
An orally deliverable drug that blocks the activity of proteins that prevent cells from entering apoptosis has been found to shrink tumors significantly in animals with only minimal side effects. More..

Photoacoustic Technology May Revolutionize Cancer Research
Innovative technology that combines the sensitivity of optical imaging with the resolution and depth penetration of high-frequency ultrasound will enable researchers to study cancer in its earliest stages of progression and evaluate tumor growth and the effect that potential drugs have on that growth. More..

Target for Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Shows Damage to Nerve Cells Can Be Reversed
German scientists have now been able to clarify how the damage from multiple sclerosis is inflicted. More..

Reconstituted HDL-siRNA Nanoparticles Block Cancer Growth in Mouse Models
Synthetic HDL nanoparticles loaded with small interfering RNA have been used to inhibit growth of tumor cells in mouse models of ovarian and colorectal cancer. More..

New Tools for Studying Epigenetic Processes Will Aid Drug Developers
Dedicated new products designed to aid investigators studying epigenetic processes or striving to develop drugs for epigenetic targets are now becoming commercially available. More..
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