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BioResearch Int'l Weekly News Round-Up: August 24

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August 24, 2012
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Aurora Kinase A Prevents p53 from Inducing Stem Cell Differentiation
An oncoprotein helps maintain embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells in the primitive pluripotent state by blocking the action of the tumor suppressor gene p53 that would otherwise induce the stem cells to differentiate. more...
[22 Aug 2012]

Signaling by Damaged Normal Tissues Promotes Cancer Growth and Resistance to Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy can damage normal tissues and induce cells such as fibroblasts to secrete signaling molecules that promote tumor growth and development of resistance to further drug treatment. more...
[22 Aug 2012]

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Database Filtering Tech Leads to Synthesis of Potent New Anti-MRSA Peptides
A sophisticated computer program was designed to filter antimicrobial peptide databases in order to identify specific parameters that could be used to synthesize new and more potent drugs for treatment of infection by MRSA. more...
[22 Aug 2012]

Sphingosine Kinase Inhibitors Block Growth in Breast Cancer Models
Drug developers are taking a close look at inhibitors of the enzyme sphingosine kinase in the ongoing search for treatments that specifically attack cancer cells without harming normal ones. more...
[21 Aug 2012]

   Spotlight on Business
Combined Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Service Blends German and Chinese Expertise
A company has quadrupled turnover and enhanced its customer service by integrating German quality and Chinese economy to provide freeze drying services to its pharmaceutical clients. more...
[20 Aug 2012]

Small Molecule Kinase Inhibitors Prevent Blood Vessel Degeneration in Diabetic Retinopathy
A class of low molecular weight compounds were identified that inhibits the activity of the enzyme atypical protein kinase C and preserves the blood-retinal barrier in retinal diseases, and the blood-brain barrier in the presence of brain tumors. more...
[21 Aug 2012]

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